Essential Guide for Managing your Child’s Birthday Invitations

Child’s birthday invitations

At Luxe Gather, we love helping moms and dads celebrate their little ones’ birthdays. From glamorous spa parties to creative arts and crafts events, we offer entertainment for a royal birthday celebration. However, we often get asked by customers about handling the proper etiquette for children’s birthday party invitations. 

In today’s busy world, parents struggle with locking in those RSVPs from their esteemed guests, leading to miscommunication and low attendance. That’s why we’ve decided to make a guide to ensure your invitations successfully pull off a start to a great celebration.

Avoiding awkwardness: Strategies for inviting the ideal kids to your child’s party

The first (and most essential step) of any girl’s birthday party is to get a proper headcount of party guests. No one wants to feel left out, but at the same time, it’s not always feasible to invite all the kids in the class to an event.   

The best way to get the right kids at the birthday party is to simply ask your child. Kids usually have a good sense of who they would (or wouldn’t) want at their party. Once you have a list and accurate headcount, see if your elementary school has a class director or teacher that can give you the contact information and emails of parents. 

To avoid any awkwardness, try to either invite only a few kids from the class or make sure not to exclude only a few kids from the invitation. If you’re concerned about other kids feeling left out, you can ask parents and class leaders to keep the party discreet.

Choosing digital or paper for your child’s birthday invitations

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Another common question from parents is whether to use email invitations or paper invitations for their child’s birthday parties.

Although paper invitations can offer a cute, personalized addition to the theme, if you’re inviting younger kids from ages 5-7, they run the risk of getting lost in any kid’s backpack or never making it home, to begin with.

 Instead of paper, digital email invitations are the most convenient, and typically the easiest to send out to parents. And nowadays, virtual design websites such as Canva allow for event invites to be customized to match the fun theme of your child’s birthday party. Luxe Gather offers customized birthday party invitations to help ensure your princess’ magical day rouses all the excitement your child and their guests will have! 

When should I send out my child’s birthday invitations? 

In terms of timing, a common rule of thumb for invitations is to send them out approximately 4-7 weeks before the party. This offers ample time for parents to RSVP, without being too far ahead. This also gives time to reach out and contact any parents who haven’t responded about 2 weeks before the day. 

Steer clear of these common child’s birthday invitation mistakes!

The most common cause of issues with birthday invitations is unclear or vague wording about the party details. To avoid confusion and unnecessary emails, make sure to include important information such as whether gifts are allowed, the location and parking details, and whether parents or siblings can stay for the entire event. 

It’s also important to consider the appropriate number of guests based on the age of your child – for example, a 5-year-old’s party may have fewer attendees than a 9-year-old’s. As a tip, consider setting a specific RSVP deadline or offering a prize or party favor to the first few parents who respond to help ensure timely responses. By including these details and following these tips, you can create an organized and successful birthday celebration.

Making the most of your child’s birthday invitations 

We hope you found our child’s birthday invitations tips helpful! By following this guide and including essential details in your invitations, you can ensure a successful and well-organized children’s birthday party. Don’t forget to consider the convenience of digital invitations, the timing of when to send them out, and the appropriate number of guests based on your child’s age.

If you’re looking to take the hassle out of children’s birthday invitations and party planning, check out our Spa Party Bus Packages, We provide ready-made invitations, manicures, and princess party hosts right to your doorstep. Sit back and let our expert crew handle the details!

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