Arrival & Setup

The bus set up at the event venue takes place 25 minutes before the scheduled time and the party begins at the entrance at the Luxe Gather pink carpet. 

If you live in a gated community, condo, or apartment complex or are hosting at a hotel or park please be sure to secure parking or hotel clearance for the bus.

luxe-gather-mobile-spa-partyWe recommend asking your guests to arrive at least 40 minutes before the scheduled time for the arrival of the Luxe Gather spa bus.

The party will begin with the number of guests who are present at the start of the party. Those that are incorporated after the party has started will only get to enjoy what is being offered at that moment.

Note: The start of the party is not subject to the arrival of attendees. Refunds will not be granted due to circumstances beyond our control.

During the party

Girls will be personally greeted and escorted onto the Luxe Gather Spa Bus. From there the party begins as they are invited to put on beautiful spa robes and headbands for their manicure. 

Note: We only lightly file, clean, and polish their nails. We do not cut.

They will then be given a water-based facial and relaxing mask. After this, the birthday girl and one of her friends will be invited to the Luxe Glam hair and makeup station where they will get their hair and makeup done.

The rest of the group will be entertained by the sounds of their favorite songs and karaoke while participating in fun activities as they wait their turn to get glammed at the Luxe Glam hair and makeup station.

Each Luxe girl can make the party their own depending on their interests and personality. They get to decide which activities to do.

Party Finale

Once the party ends after the scheduled two-hour window. Each girl will be escorted off the bus to the pink carpet where they have the opportunity to strut their stuff and show off their Luxe Gather hair and makeup glam, take pictures and revel in the fun experience. 

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